Chapter 1
Chapter 1
Arc Joining Rebirth Knight Arc
Chapter 2

The first chapter of the series is titled "Rebirth Knight".

Short SummaryEdit

Kang fights the leaders of various delinquent gangs from different schools in order to impress Chaewon Shin, who was supposedly "attacked" by one of them. It's only later that Kang finds out it was a lie, and Chaewon has ultimately rejected him as a protector.

Long SummaryEdit

After reminiscing about his father, who tells Kang to find a woman whom he can protect and love, he decides to confess to Chaewon Shin, the first girl who's ever gotten Kang's attention, and with whom Kang has fallen in love with at first sight. Immediately asking her out, she promptly agrees, though to Kang's surprise, starts sobbing. After asking her why, she reveals that she's been attacked by the leader of a school delinquents gang. Kang then goes and beats him up, only to return and find out that it was the wrong school! The process repeats over and over, until finally Chaewon reveals that she's been messing with Kang and that she has no interest in going out with someone as "stupid" as him with "average looks". Though schocked at the sudden rejection, he then continues to follow her, determined to win her over.

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